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A common day at the camp

We normally wake up in the morning around at 6:30. We will enjoy a great breakfast together while checking out the surf. E-BAY is approximately 100 meters from our breakfast table. From there we will have a look at the weather and depending on the waves, the swell and the wind we organize the best possible surfing session for the day. After a mornings surf we will return to BENG BENGS for lunch. Once we have eaten we take some time to chill and let our food go down. Once we have regained some energy we repeat the process, jump back in the boat and head back out for an afternoon surf. We will normally stay out until dusk. Once back at the camp feel free to have a cool shower and relax after a hard days surf. Dinner will then be served and evenings are spent socializing, organizing the next day’s activities or resting. For those who don’t surf there are some beautiful trails that cross the islands. We are equipped with some fishing equipment (rods, guns) and snorkeling gear for those who fancy checking out the reef.