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Medical Warnings

Malaria pills are your choice. There is malaria in Mentawai as there is in any other parts of indonesia or in many other beautiful tropical locations around the world, but being the humans and other higher primates the only creatures that can carry malaria parasite, we stay safe enough from this disease, thanks to Nyang Nyang island to be very small and very poor of population, so that the risk of a mosquito carrying the parasite is very low.

Your health is a very important aspect of your happy stay on the island we suggest you to bring also:

Anti allergies

Antibiotics for reef cuts

Antipyretic We want to emphasize an aspect already listed above:TRAVEL INSURANCE In case of the need for medical evacuation we will take you to the nearest and safest hospital at your own cost,therefore we insist that insurance is not mandatory but could be really important,so we recommend again to get it and bring it with you.

We are not responsible for any accidents that you may have while doing any activity.