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What the trip does not include

•           Accommodation in Padang if necessary.

•           IMPORTANT: From August 2016 has been issued by the Government of Mentawai a NEW TAX for SURFERS: Every person who wants to visit and surf  to Mentawai has to pay an amount of 1.000.000 Rupiah and he will receive a bracelet as proof of the payment. The payment must be done in Padang and it has a validity of 15 days.

•           If you want to avoid the public ferry,we can organize a faster transfer service operated by private companies with two different type of speedboats.They make route from/to Padang and they arrive directly on the beach in front of the camp. Please ask to bengbengmentawai@hotmail.com for schedule,prices and conditions.

• Extra cost for LOADING the stuff on both ferries are NOT INCLUDED: -GAMBOLO: About 100.000 rupiah,ONE WAY,of tip is necessary for paying the porters and make them load the stuff on board. -MENTAWAI FAST: 250.000 Rupiah,ONE WAY, are requested for every carried surfboard bag.

• FERRY’S TICKETS (if NOT included in the package): 300.000 Rupiah per person

• All the alcoholic drinks plus coca cola,juices,energy drinks.

• Extra Meals

• Laundry Service

• Travel Insurance, it is not mandatory but recommended.

•Mentawai entrance tax in Siberut 50.000 Rupiah(about 5usd).

•Wifi has an additional cost  of 10USD per hour   WIFI CONNECTION FULL PACKAGE: it is possible to get a weekly wifi connection all inclusive(you can use it all the time you want) the package has a weekly cost of 50USD for each DEVICE