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Southern Playgrounds


Kandui Lefts

It is one of the best waves in the world when it is on. This amazing left-hander is better on a high tide at 6 to 10 feet and then you have chances to see some of the most amazing barrels of your life. It goes for over 300 meters throwing constant and unbelievable tube sections. You might well get the best and most intensive barrel of your life.Better on a South West swell and light East-South East winds.

Kandui Lefts

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Kandui Lefts
-1.899600, 99.291000

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Little Nias

This wave lies in the middle of the southern part of the play ground area breaking left and right.Perfect for beginners and surfers that want to enjoy turns and easy surf


About 6 hundred meters further down from the Rifles take off zone,this beautiful right-hander wave puts you straight from the take off into a very fun barrel section and onto playful walls



It is one of the longest and most perfect right-handers in the world and the wave that you must surf at least once in your life.


4 Bobs

It is short but very fun right-hander suitable to make great turns on a very easy wave for all kinds of surfers.


A Frames

It is one of the most consistent lefts of the Mentawais. Located in front of the idyllic island of Pananggalat, makes it a real pleasure just to be in the water.

inside the barrel

Kandui Insides

Inside of the bay, about 300 meters down the line, there is another point that breaks when Kandui is over 6 feet, and even though is a little shorter, it can be almost as intense and perfect as its big brother