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Northen Playgrounds

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E Bay

It is one of the best left-handers in Mentawai, this wave is a perfect, round and it has a powerful wall that can be barreled all the way when it’s going off.



The island (Kroniki) is one of the most amazing spots in the area and just being in the water makes it a real pleasure,it can be long and very playful



This wave has an easy take off that takes you to a short but very playful wall,the beach is one of the most spectacular in the area in terms of tropical scenary.


Beng Beng

This is a left-hander located just 10 minutes walking from the camp or 2 minutes with boat, this is a funny and less barreled wave compared to the high



This right hander is probably one of the most consistent wave in Mentawai,it can offer real fun, big take offs and a fast section down the line that can become very playful.


Bank Vaults

This wave is an absolutely amazing right-hander when it gets good breaking in deep water in two different sections,it is the big wave of the area, it breaks with all tides.



It is one of the best and most consistent lefts in the mentawai.
It breaks over one of the most beautiful coral reef of the area,it is safer at high tide and really good at mid tide.